Momento de Reflexão

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Life´s Triumph
Research of messages received by Chico Xavier

F C Xavier / Autores Diversos
Jornalistica Fe Ed.
14x21 cm - 304 paginas
Mens. de Familiares

What is more remarkable in these communications through Chico Xavier´s mediumship is the precision and faithfulness of identifiable information in regard to friends and relatives, alive and deceased, who were a part of the live communicating entity. Besides, in some instances, when the communicating spirit is writing througth the medium, the use if familiar statements and even slang expressions used before death, are often present. There are many other signs of authenticity that can be noticed in the cases researched in this book: LIFE´S TRIUMPH. Those who read this book written by Paulo Rossi Severino and his colleagues will be able to observe that is is not just another collection of facts gathered without any other intention than to report them. No, that is not it. The episodes, no doubt it, are accurately described, but the autor and his colleagues did not act just as mere reporters, but also as genuine scientists and careful, honest, and impartial researchers. Hernani Guimarães Andrade