Momento de Reflexão

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The Gospel According to Spiritism

Allan Kardec
Conselho Espirita Internacional
14 x 21 cm - 534 paginas

The gospel According to Spiritism details and explains a universal moral code of conduct, based upon the essence of the Teachings of Jesus. It is a book to be read by adepts from all religions and by those who profess no specific religion. Confronted by this Divine code even the incredulous bow down. For Mankind it constitutes a rule of conduct that covers all the circumstances of life, the basic principals of social relationship based on the most rigorous justice and affers a safe route to follow in order to find happiness. Throughout this work, that is full of consolations and promises of hope, there shines the light of an indescribable love: the love of God for all His creatures. It is therefore, a book based on ethics, peace and fraternity directed towards everyone who wishes to undertand the message of Jesus in a profound and ample way.